Our Story

Learn how we spread our wings

It all started in 2017

3 best friends started Habit Nest to help the world build life-changing habits.

Guided Journals

We created 18+ guided journals that have helped hundreds of thousands of people

Habits & Hustle

We launched our #1 rated podcast, Habits and Hustle.

Small Biz of the Year

Awarded the Amazon Small Business Owner Under 30 of the Year.

Gary Vee Collaboration

Worked with Gary Vee on his latest book, 12 & a Half (see the section 'The Inspiration Behind this Book').

Habit Nest App Launch

In 2022, we launched our mobile app.

NFT Launch

Q3, 2022: We launch The Phoenixes NFT to the world.

Holder Access

All NFT holders get complimentary lifetime access to our mobile app.

Learn2Earn is Coming

Watch this space...

Cool stuff we've done

500k Habit Nest journals sold

Over $2m in ad spend

Over $10m in sales

1m+ Podcast Downloads

Partnered w/ Entrepreneur Media

20k App Downloads

Team of 10 Absolute Rockstars

100k+ Newsletter Subscribers